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The New Shutter Canopy System

The New Shutter Canopy System

In traditional construction methods, regardless of the use of PC sheet, glass or plastic sheet, when the sun is hot in the mid-day, room temperature will form stuffy and hot which makes you feel unbearable, when there is no air convection.

The portfolio can be fully resolved. Frame with sheet metal design point of view the use of Shutter twinwall insulated center structure which completely blocks direct sunlight from entering, it reduces the increase of heat.



With the combination demands of ventilation, we provide 3 methods of choices; Skylight purposes, Roofing and partition purposes.


1. Skylight
With the holes on the horizontal bar, it allows hot air to discharge naturally, driven air circulation within the surrounding. Effectively reduce the problem of poor ventilated air within the area.

Slant Structure applies the design of bindings effectively block direct sunlight in order to reduce heat within the area. Retain appropriate light to shine through. Apply the heat rise application on this design with cooling holes of 50cm to effectively releasing the outflow of heat naturally into the cold air.

2. Roofing Ventilation
Engineering methods, rows of cooling holes of 50cm, vents will boot to the roof in hot air naturally discharge.

Elegance finishing appearance, improve shortcoming of traditional exhaust valve protruding building.

3. Wall partition
with every 30cm a row if cooling holes combine with main building, the holes to create comfortable lighting space.

The design provides vents to open and close function, in hot and cold season can be adjusted to the needs of the ventilated rate.

How to Install Shutter Canopy System click link below:


For inquiries, email us at inquiry@olympus.com.ph or contact us at Cel. # 09175364265.

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