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The Colors of the Wind

The Colors of the Wind

Mark was an avid skateboarder since the age of 8. He spent as much time as he could practice on the streets within their subdivision. He was fascinated watching his brother and friends skateboarding in the play park and he was determined to learn.

boy playing skateboard

[image source: thrillspire.com]

Growing up, he has been skating to and from school and it made him a somewhat you can call a Pro Skater, harnessing tricks in skating, though not perfectly according to him. With his brothers and friends, they had built skate ramps within their area garnering more youth to skate. Though as he had observed that some don’t have but persevere to learn, he let the other kids rent his old skateboards for them to play with.

The number of youths into skate boarding grew and his skateboards are not enough for everyone. A thought came to him, to make a skateboard from scratch. With the help of the internet and YouTube, his journey started with woodworking, to which not a problem since his father is a craftsman and he inherit his father’s craft skills, and was successful with his first handmade skateboard.


[image source: dreamstime.com]

It did well on his second try, and with his father’s guidance, he use polyurethane lacquer to protect the wood and best for heavy traffic use, sprayed with the Devilbiss Gravity Feed Spray gun, coats his newly made skateboard with gloss finish. Mark learned spray finishing techniques and went to buy another Devilbiss Gravity Feed Spray gun to coat with paint and colors to his skateboards.

paint spray gun application


A small shop adjacent to their house has been erected and with his brother and some of his friends, they began their small skateboard shop. As their shop has a transparent glass wall to which people can see their work, they drew attention as pass byers tend to be fascinated how they spray their skateboards with different colors.

Due to that popularity, the open their shop within the city as “The Colors of the Wind – Skateboard depot”. Well known with variety of colorful and sizes of skateboards. Their shop also is filled with colors and with a skating ramp just behind the shop, it has been a skating park for skateboard enthusiast of all ages. The skate ramp is also filled with colors with the use of Devilbiss spray gun.

Devilbiss Spray Gun


 “My father talked me to use this spray gun, and with video reviews and distributors recommendation, no doubt that this spray gun had given me the perfect colors that I desire.”

skateboards store display


So, what's your Hobby to Business Story?

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