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Holy Week Treats for Powerful Adhesive

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ALTECO Epo-Putty is a clay type two parts epoxy adhesive for use on concrete, fiberglass, metal, PVC, plastic, wood, etc. Can be applied on dry or wet surfaces and cures even under water. No shrinkage; it can be drilled, grinded, filed and painted after cured. It is also resistant to chemicals and fungi.
Techni-Ice 2ply is a two layered product consist of a refrigerant polymer encapsulated by one layer of fabric and a washable heavy duty plastic designed to be used up to three (3) times only. It comes from the fact that it can be used both for cold and hot applications. Features & Benefits Reusable Advance Technology Easy to use Can be cut to size Lightweight & Flexible Hygienic Stays frozen for days No more soggy food Doesn't turn back to water Safe and non-toxic

Paint Marker Holy Week Treats

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A type of marker pen that is used to create permanent writing on a variety of surfaces from paper to metal to stone and glass. Unlike with most permanent markers the ink is an oil-based paint and generally requires shaking before use, similar to an aerosol spray paint can.
Metals: Strong bonding Plastics: Normal bonding Normal heat resistance High impact resistance Quick curing at room temperature One – part, solvent – free agent High bonding strength Capable of bonding a wide range of materials Capable of bonding materials of different types Low materials use

Commission Analyst

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