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Lampe Berger - L. Blue Onion

"Improve air quality at home and quality of life; Keep in good health and enjoy life with Lampe Berger"


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Imported from France, the product, first in the market in 1987, is ISO11041-certified for its safety, recognized worlwide. The joint patent formula includes micro-oxygen capsule while its major effects are seen in the oxygen it carries, sterilization, deodorization and decomposition of second smoke.

* Our products are made of variety of botanical essential oils without any chemical fragrance.

* Each essential oil has the following effects: carries Ozoacool, disinfects, eliminates odours, decompose smoke, increase physical strength, improves metabolism and boosts energy.

* Other special effects are: improves looks, increases appetite, energizes, facilitates better sleep, and improves overall physical conditions and relieves stress.

Six major functions:

  1. Oxygen replenisher
  2. Ozone generator
  3. Anion generator
  4. Air purifier
  5. Air freshener
  6. Dust mite eliminator

Eight major benefits:

  1. Air quality management (natural air purifier and freshener)
  2. Environment hygiene management(insect repellant and odour eliminator)
  3. Sleep quality management (botanical essence)
  4. Mood Management (botanical essence – hormone balancing)
  5. Stress management (botanical essence – relieve stress)
  6. Ambience management (Aromatherapy)
  7. Upper respiratory tract management (physiplogic regulator and bacterial effect)
  8. Immune system enhancement (increases physical strength, improves metabolism)


  1. For initial users who suffer from anemia, fatigue, migraine, blood pressure problem, poor metabolism, acidic physical constitution, inhalation of Lampe Berger essential oil may cause dizziness, headache, nausea, sleepiness or tear flow. However, these symptoms are normal and will disappear in 3 to 7 days. The cause of these bodily responses is that with the diffusing of Lampe Berger essential oil through the catalytic burner, the whole patented Ozoacool is released into the air and enters the whole body via nasal mucus and respiratory system to help eliminate poisonous materials inside our body.
  2. Apply Pyrèthre and Citronnelle essential oils on your arms and legs to prevent mosquito bites when outdoors.
  3. Add Citronnelle essential oil in the bath to relieve stress.
  4. Add Pyrèthre essential oil when mopping the floor to prevent ant propagation.
  5. People with respiratory problems are recommended to use Eucalyptus all night for the first 7 days and adjust the usage as necessary.
  6. As hot air travels upwards, please put the burner at a lower position.
  7. Lampe Berger’s aromatherapy uses the special catalytic burner that heats at constant temperature (60°C) to release natural ozone to disinfect and eliminate unpleasant odours and decompose second hand smoke (decompose instead of covering with aroma).


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