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Sunshield Twinwall Plain Polycarbonate Sheets (Blue Green)

Twinwall polycarbonate sheets are hollow sheets best for varied roofing, cladding, and glazing applications in construction, industrial, advertising, agriculture, and DIY industries.

* Color may vary from actual item.

  • Short Span - 4 feet (1220mm) x 8 feet (2440mm)
  • Mid Span - 4 feet (1220mm) x 16 feet (4880mm)
  • Long Span - 4 feet (1220mm) x 19 feet (5800mm)
  • Wide Span - 6 feet (2100mm) x 16 feet (4880mm)
  • Long Wide Span - 6 feet (2100mm) x 19 feet (5800mm)

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