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Solflex Solid Surface Care & Maintenance Kit

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A cleaning solution kit for taking care of your Solfex Solid Surface countertop; inclusive of a maintenance, stain solution and a sponge.

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SOLFLEX solid surface countertops, a product of S.E.A Olympus Marketing Inc., A.C Cortes, Mandaue City, Cebu, is densely mineral-filled polymer with the durability and rugged characteristics of stone combined with the workability of hardwood; composed of 40% polymer resin and 60% ATH polymerize to homogenous, non-porous solid. It is resistant to many chemical and physical hazards. It cannot delaminate or rot; is difficult to stain; has good impact resistance; and is very easy to clean and maintain.

With its design flexibility and the capacity to achieve solid, impermeable seams by using special US Adhesive, the material offers inherent hygienic and ease-of-maintenance are of particular importance.

While very durable, SOLFLEX solid surface countertops, like most materials, can be damaged by excessive or prolonged exposure to concentrated chemicals as might happen in certain types of laboratories. Individual testing is recommended in such circumstances, and your local supplier can supply you with samples for testing.

If excessive surface damage is incurred after installation, SOLFLEX solid surface countertops can be repaired and the surface restored to its original integrity. In most instances, remedial work can be done on site with little difficulty using plastic abrasive scouring pads, or an orbital sander.

In cases of severe abuse, the damaged section can be cut out completely, and replaced with a plug of SOLFLEX solid surface countertops, restoring the surface to new and leaving no visible trace of the incident.

Substances which are in current use, for example: alcohol, coffee, tea, fruit and vegetables, ammonia (10%), bleach (5%), disinfectants, washing soda, shoe polish, etc. can usually be removed with no effect on the surface by water and ordinary cleansing agents, abrasive powders or scouring pads.

Concentrated acids, chlorinated solvents such as chloroform and ketones found as acetone in some brands of nail varnish and paint cleaners can all effect appearance after prolonged contact. However, if flushed with water promptly after exposure, most strong reagents and specialized biochemical stains will show no effect.


Daily care requires nothing more than wiping off your countertop surfaces with non-abrasive cleaning agents such as glass cleaners, soapy water or a damp cloth. For surface staining, soapy water or ammonia-based cleaners will usually do the job. For stubborn stains and superficial scratches, an abrasive cleaner and a wet sponge are recommended. A Scotchbrite (burgundy color) abrasive cloth may be used for stubborn scratches and routine refinishing. Be sure to cover a wide area when using abrasives to reduce the likelihood of an uneven surface finish. It is, in fact a good idea to go over all your countertops to an even factory-like finish.

Preventing from Heat Damage

Hot pans, as well as some heat generating appliances like electric frying pans and crock pots can damage the solid surface. To prevent from heat damage, always use a hot pad or a trivet with rubber feet to protect your MARKEE Absolute Quartz solid suface.

Other Prevention Tips

  • Do not cut directly on your SOLFLEX solid surface countertops and always use a cutting board.
  • Run cold water when pouring boiling water intro sinks.
  • Remove nail polish with a non-acetone based nail polish remover and flush with cold water.
  • Avoid exposing SOLFLEX solid surface countertops to strong chemicals such as paint removers, oven cleaners, etc.
  • Although diluted bleach can be used as a disinfectant, do not allow bleach to remain in contact with your countertop for more than two (2) minutes.
  • Your countertop is not intended to support heavy items such as standing into it, ladders, or such.
  • Always place felt protectors on bottom of potteries or other hard objects. Avoid sliding hard objects across the SOLFLEX solid surface countertops.

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