With the enhanced quarantine ending soon, most businesses are starting to re-open. Amid a tough and trying time, we at SEA Olympus Marketing Inc. remain hopeful that one day we will all be free from the shackles of this threat.

As part of our preparation, we at SEA Olympus Marketing Inc. are implementing strict safety measures and protocols to keep our customers as well as our employees’ safe against the COVID-19. We will strictly implement the following guidelines below to ensure our customers of their safety every time they visit our offices and branches.

We will adhere and comply with all the quarantine orders issued by the Department of Health (DOH), Local Government Unit (LGU), and other government agencies. These include executive orders and all measures prescribed such as social distancing, washing of hands, and the wearing of protective face masks.


We will teach them how to do infection control and good personal hygiene. We will adopt the following precautions all the time: 



hygiene crowded places

• Observe good personal hygiene

• Avoid crowded places and close contact with people who are unwell or showing symptoms of illness

handwashing wear a mask

• Practice frequent hand washing with soap (e.g. before handling food or eating, after going to the toilet, or when hands are dirtied by respiratory secretions after coughing or sneezing)

• Consistently wear a mask

cover your mouth seek medical attention

• Cover your mouth with a tissue paper when coughing or sneezing, and dispose the soiled tissue paper in the rubbish bin immediately; and

• Seek medical attention promptly if you are feeling unwell

good air ventilation avoid sharing of food

• Maintain good indoor ventilation

• Avoid sharing food, cutlery, crockery, utensils, and other personal hygiene items

avoid physical contact

• Avoid physical contact such as shaking hands and avoid touching your face or rubbing your eyes



For our business operation to safely continue, we have identified critical business functions and essential employees. We have set up alternate teams of employees who can be deployed at different work schedules (e.g. Team A working in the office at alternate weeks, while Team B telecommutes). The teams should be physically segregated to avoid the risk of infection between co-employees.



screening temperature check

• We have created screening procedures for our visitors, and we will be providing our customers and visitors with a screening checklist form. We hope for your utmost cooperation to fill this up.

• We will manage employees that are not feeling well in and outside of the workplace. We have Designated an area in the office with nearby toilet facilities as the isolation room for the employee(s) with fever to use. We have also Identified the isolation route (a route that is not commonly used by employees/visitors) that leads to an area where the employees with fever can be brought to the clinic/hospital. Employees that are suspected to be infected will receive a notification form. We will also have all our employee’s temperature monitored through our temperature monitoring log.

social distancing PPE

• We will control the movement and transfer of personnel within the premise, visitors are limited until the designated receiving area only.  This is to implement a safer environment to protect both customers and employees.  These measures include a clear partition (plastic or PC sheet) in the customer receiving area, limiting the number of people in the receiving area to allow social distancing and increased cleaning measures.

• SEA Olympus Marketing Inc. will ensure an adequate supply of appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and medical equipment (e.g. thermometers, disposable gloves, surgical masks, and disinfectants). All our employees will undertake training to familiarize their usage. We also ensure that our office premises will have adequate supplies of tissue paper, soap, and disinfectants.


With all these safety measures and protocols in place, we are positively hoping to create an atmosphere of safety and assurance for everyone in SEA Olympus Marketing Inc. and in all our offices, satellite stores, warehouses nationwide. We will continue to serve you in the best way we can as we pioneer in transacting business safely with all our valued clients and customers. 

For sales and marketing concerns, you may contact us at:

  1. Cellphone #: 09989646900
  2. Visit us at
  3. Or check us on this following social media accounts:

For urgent human relation concern or any violation of the above-mentioned protocols by our employees and staff you may reach out to the following numbers nationwide: 

Luzon - 09234168928
Visayas -    09190673516 
Mindanao - 09190672519

Let us all stay healthy and keep safe during these trying times.