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Lux Led

An innovative brand that offers the brilliance of intelligent lighting combined with premium features that will illuminate your space like never before!

Lux Led can sustain 5-7 rainy days, has Premier battery quality, Weather detection technology, Adjustable solar panel, Wider light coverage and Realistic Brightness.

20 products found in Lux Led

Electric Dayblaze Advance GK02-150W
  • ₱3,800.00
Electric Dayblaze Advance GK02-100W
  • ₱3,200.00
Electric Dayblaze Core GK01-100W
  • ₱2,000.00
Electric Dayblaze Core GK01-80W
  • ₱1,800.00
Electric Dayblaze Core GK01-50W
  • ₱1,300.00
Lux Led Skyflare Core YY100
  • ₱14,000.00
Lux Led Starlight Advance SL-300P
  • ₱40,500.00
Lux Led Electric Nova OP
  • ₱16,200.00
Lux Led Electric Nova
  • ₱13,300.00
Lux Led Sunray Light RSW-SSL30
  • ₱12,000.00
Lux Led Starlight Core SL-120A
  • ₱24,000.00
Lux Led Starlight Core SL-120P
  • ₱17,800.00