Recently, I just signed papers to acquire myself a cozy flat. I couldn’t bear the excitement of doing research and window shopping of all possible stuff to fill the close to 60 square meter space. In my interior furnishing journey starting today up to the next 18months or so, I will be writing about awesome and practical finds which I hope will be beneficial also for you.

For this first article, let us talk about solid surface. Solid surface countertops can mimic the natural look of stone and wood countertops. They can be manufactured out of a range of materials including polyester resins with pigments and chips. If you are creative enough, you can even get creative with different styles, colors and blends with solid surface countertops and they are both durable and easy to maintain.

Being the typical on-the-go yappie, this definitely caught my attention. Well, I do minimal cooking and I definitely don’t bake – but what is home without a kitchen? What is a kitchen without the basics? Fridge, microwave and of course the countertop. My research continues on and took me to , and guess what – it took me - a countertop neophyte to a countertop expert in just one sitting! The website offers countertop FAQs and it provides simple and layman answers to the questions that’s been buzzing around my mind. And it also provided other means of how and where countertops can be used such as restroom vanities, table tops and other related interior design applications.

Solflex solid surface is product for long term investment and showcases elegance and functionality in one product. Solflex solid surface is durable and non-porous and seamless altogether as well. These are the key features and mainly why, solid surface countertop is in my top choices for my own personal use.

To sum it up, solid surface countertops are a breeze to maintain since they are engineered stones that allow every fiber of its properties to be the same and compact for zero stain penetration. Solid surface countertops are also aesthetically pleasing since it can seal off virtually any joints or seams making it look like one whole slab.

Well, it seems like my reservations of getting myself a good kitchen countertop has been answered fairly my research on solid surface countertops.