There are a lot of things that are currently happening in our country. The most prominent one is the spread of the new Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) that has caused a lot of damaging effects on the public.

Because of its widespread, a lot of people are starting to be frightened by the situation. As of this writing, the number of persons who are positively confirmed infected with this virus is still on the rise.

The fear and anxiety that it generates cause the people to be in a state of chaos and panic. And because of this turn of events, the government decided to put our community under the enhance community quarantine in order to keep the virus from spreading.

There are also a lot of rules and regulations that advised people to avoid crowded areas and stay inside our homes just to make sure that everyone is safe. Because of all of these events, the regular way of life of the common people has been severely disrupted.

Almost all of the establishments except for those that cater to our essential needs such as supermarkets, pharmacy, etc. were closed by the government. With these, some of the businesses are temporarily shutting down their operations to aid the government in their fight to contain this disease.

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With the use of your computer, tablet or smartphones you can easily scroll and check for the products that you need. There is no need to go to any of our physical stores and outlets, you can also keep yourself safe from the threat of the “COVID-19” since there is no need for you to go out in your place.