Salamat Frontliners


Our country is currently facing a tough and challenging times. With the increasing cases of individuals who are found infected with the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19), our government is in extreme high alert.

Because of the situation, our government has declared and raised the alert to Code Red Sub-Level 2 over the COVID-19 threat. Enhanced community quarantine was quickly implemented.

In order to ensure that the rules and regulations are strictly followed by everyone, our government used police and military strength to control the situation. This will also guarantees the safety and peace of the community.

These men in uniform are in great risks of getting infected because they are exposed to the environment and different people. Despite all of these they are still out there making sure that everything is under control and every rules and regulations are strictly implemented to make sure that everyone is safe.

Because of these we are truly grateful for all the sacrifices that our men in uniform had done for our community. Our sincere thanks for all this brave individuals who are also on the frontline doing their best in order to keep everything in order despite the chaos that this virus has created. They are all willing to fulfill their duty for the sake of everyone.